Using elements from multiple Powerpoint templates / images to create courses on Udemy

Hi, I just wanted to check that it’s ok to use a combination of Powerpoint templates and images to create my own courses to sell on Udemy?

I’m assuming it is as I’ll be adding my own content to these templates.

I will be extracting elements from four or five different Powerpoint templates and combining them to create my own course in Powerpoint.

I will then export them as videos and upload them to individual sections in Udemy to create my complete course.

Obviously, I’m looking to make money out of this.

I’m assuming that as long as I licence each template/image I download to the corresponding course that I’ll be covered and good to go?

I also understand that I need to remain subscribed to Envato Elements for as long as it takes to create my course but thereafter if I wanted to I could cancel my subscription and still be covered by the existing licence agreement. Is this correct?

(tbh I plan to create a lot of courses so it’s unlikely I will cancel after I’ve built this initial one).

Thanks in advance for your help.


I would probably open a Help Ticket with the Elements Help Team. They’re able to give the best answers on tricky licence questions - Elements Help Ticket


Hi KingDog. Thanks for responding. I did contact support and I got a swift and positive reply. I’m posting here just in case anyone else is thinking of using Powerpoint templates to create Udemy courses:

Luke (Elements)

Sep 9, 17:27 AEST


Thanks for getting in touch Jon and for your question (it’s always nice to see that people want to make sure they’re doing the right thing when it comes to licensing!).

Am I allowed to do this?

Yes. As long you do not sell them as-is and with access to the source/original files you download from Elements :slight_smile:

We offer a comprehensive introduction to the license and explain most allowed and prohibited usages of items downloaded from Envato Elements in our Help Center which you can locate here:

If you still require clarification on this after taking a look at the articles, please let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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Customer Success Officer

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