Using css animations fade in from left. Need help with something.


I am using this:

I learned how to use it now but how do I make it animate only when you scroll down the page and reach that certain point in the browser?

Does this make sense? Because what good is it for my content to have a nice fade in animation when nobody would see it because its in the bottom. I would like them to gradually see the effects as they scroll down and reach the animation points.


You have to use JQuery to enable way points to trigger your animation names - try searching google it will give you quicker answers than a general forum - however here’s a useful link:



I also tried this but cant get it to work how i want.

If anyone knows a script for what I want please let me know. I can donate with paypal.


anyone know how to do this?


Add css animations. I have used animate.css you can find it on google.



Animate.CSS is the CSS I am using. It is the one I posted in my original post. What I want to learn is how to hide something and once you scroll down and reach a certain waypoint it then appears and animates from left to right in a fade type animation.


Hi Blingcart i hope you already solve your problem,
but i am using Animate.css with skrollr.js.

Hope this will help you if not send me a reply and i will show you some script that i use on my web pages.


Actually it uses animate.css



A simple way to create and maintain how elements fade in, triggered when they enter the viewport.