Using Bootstrap Template bought on Envato for Open source project


I bought this Bootstrap template : to be used in an open source GPL3 project (which is free of charge for the general public).

Project is :

Considering the product is free of charge, I took the Regular License.

I was wondering what happen for any company that would be interested to setup a SaaS Service around the solution. So far for them, the software is still GPL3 and free to download and use but accessing the tool for their customers using the SaaS service will be with a cost. Considering that those company buy the service to access the soft does that change anything to the licence we need to purchase ?

As a summary :

  • What licence do we need to purchase for including into an opensource GPLv3 project ?
  • Does including your libraries to a GLP v3 subject change the licence of the opensource project ?
  • If any company who wants to use the Opensource project to include into a SaaS Solution, will it need to purchase an Extended Licence ?

We need to clarify this before we continue using your product into our opensource solution.


I strongly suggest that you check this with support because there is no such thing as a multi use license (extended or regular) and often items cannot be used as part of SASS Envato Market Help and Support

Request sent, thanks !