Using Admin Template Dashboards as End-user Frontend with Regular License?

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m working on a small university project and we want to build a social study network for students (free of charge) with a nice dashboard design. Now there are tons of Admin Templates but i’m not quite sure with the license so here’s my question.

Can I purchase a regular license and use those Admin Templates (e.g. Metronic) to create frontend dashboard for end-users (e.g. like Fitbits fitness dashboard for end-users)?

Thanks for your input!


I think (check with envato) that if it is one dashboard with multiple logins/user accounts then that’s fine - as long as they are all logging into one site/domain just under different credentials

Hey Charlie, yes there will be only one domain (like facebook or all the countless social networks) and users (students) will register and login with their own credentials.