Using a theme builder to sell sites

I know if I take a single user license then I can’t use the theme on more than one site.

But is there a builder wordpress theme or html template with which I can can create other websites to sell ?

Note: The theme/template will only be used on one site/domain. The generated site(s) will however be sold to third party.

Is that allowed? If yes then which is the best theme for the same?


There is not really “theme builders” available (there are some HTML builder son CodeCanyon) but if the output i.e. the site that is built is still constructed from the original one i.e. using short-codes and features just compiled differently then you still need new license each time

There are themes with builder incorporated, but you will need to purchase a license for every site you create using the theme’s builder. Also you will not be able to sell these themes because the theme’s author has the rights over it and without their accord you can’t do anything.

You will need a theme core/framework then you can buy the VisualComposer plugin (for every theme) and use it this way you will be able to sell.


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