Using a purchased game on my own website?

Hi I am new to Envato & if someone could help me out as gesture of good will to kick of 2019, that’d be great! I’ve been reading and researching for hours but can’t seem to find an answer to a question that should be really easy to learn. I am wondering if I purchase a game (probably HTML5) & it’s code to use on my own personal website that I am having built for me by a web development business, am I free to use the game and the code as I please? are there any restrictions on how I can use the game and code? Thanks :slight_smile:

That is fine assuming that people can access your site for free

Bear in mind you can only use it on ONE website per license

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Thanks very much for your response I appreciate it - can you please expand on ‘access your site for free’ and what that means. my website is free to access, register an account for and use etc but it is based off a ‘freemium’ model whereby to access the full functionality of the site, users must subscribe for a monthly fee - so there’s 2 versions of my site for people that have accounts, a free version and a paid versions- thanks again

As long as the game (in its entirety) can be accessed for free by any user then a regular license is fine.

If for example users could only access and use it by paying to subscribe then you would still be able to use it but would require an extended license

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Fantastic thank you very much.