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Few months back I’ve received a free file (Youzer) but it looks like i can’t use it. When i try it through the dash-upload new plugin it says “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” but this file isn’t too big though, it’s 2.087kb. So i tried to uploaded it through FileZilla but again it wouldn’t as it showed error files.

Could someone please help me fix this issue?
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I’ve read at the author’s comments about the use of free file. They say that the users who receive this (or other items) have no rights to updates or support. why is this and what’s the purpose of the free item is there is no future support. any file can go wrong and there is no support. If this is it, then stop this as there is no use to get the free monthly files


when you will go to download free file of any month there you will see a message where clearly mentioned: Support and updates are not provided for free files.

So, for getting author support you have to purchase the item and with each purchase you will get 6 month free support (if item is supported by the author). and you have option to extend the support to 12 months or for next 6 months.


Hi mgscoder

Yes, i understand and i’m not arguing about what is written there. What i’m saying is what is the purpose of the free item when those two elements aren’t there. Let’s say that the item when received for free is automatically placed for use and from the min it shows errors and it doesn’t work at all. Now, how valuable is this item, as from first minute fails to be used?

Actually any files in envato market should not go with error. So, hopefully all items including free files are also error free. But if you find any files come with error then your can report them to envato support and in this case if you are a purchaser then support team (quality team) will check the item quality with high periority. Thanks

this is what i’ve menitioned in the first place that although this (youzer) is received for free now/today i can’t use it

That error is almost always a hosting issue - make sure you are only uploading the plugin folder and not an entire download or else speakto your hosts about extending the limit


this is when i try to load this file from filezilla

to see your screenshots seems to me it is hosting issues. Please contact hosting and let them know. if you like you can try with this way using cpanel file manger upload only the plugin main .zip and then from cpanel extract hope issues will be solved (plugin will work). But again to fix the error need hosting support. Thanks


I’ll do just that,


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