Using a Deleted Track in a Television Production


I’m an exclusive author on AJ. If I delete a track from my portfolio (which has had a small number of sales) and I haven’t registered it with my PRO, can I use the track in a television production that I’m currently scoring?

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Hi Opus68,

Of course you can. Exclusivity only applies to the tracks that are currently in your portfolio.

That’s good to know. Thank you for the reply Soundset. However if I licence the track to a broadcaster, then the few people who purchased the track when it was on AJ (only 7 sales) might have their use of the piece flagged? Could this be a problem? But I don’t think any of the purchases were for broadcast use, so it’s probably unlikely. I guess the easiest way around it is to offer the broadcaster a licence but not an exclusive one.

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If you transfer all the rights to the broadcaster, then they will be able to add the track to CID as their own. That would affect anyone who has already bought a license on AJ.

On second thought, the people who bought a license have purchase codes they can use to clear their videos, even if they get flagged.

Okay, thanks for the advice. I don’t think I need to transfer all the rights to the broadcaster - just synch rights - so that should protect against any issues.

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