Users are create fake account and leave the comments

Dear Envato Team,

One off member are create fake account and these are create comments in our products comment section.

Always comments details are same. Please humble request to team If any users are leave comment same type comments . Please don’t published it and remove the that account.

Thanks and Regard’s

Make sure you flag these when they happen and support will be able to look at it

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Hi @weblizar, besides flag post, if you report it directly to Envato author support through a support ticket then the support team will take necessary steps as quickly they can. Thanks

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Yes correct but this is happen to our profile too. The account is country called may be Germany and the Comment content is Indian WhatsApp number(+91) and Indian domain information(.in), Why they are not provide warning to this person to stop spamming on our all items ? Its hard to do daily flag and contact support team via support page. At least some authority author you required to provide.

It looks like all fake accounts are now disabled - unfortunately short of doing that and blocking their IP (which they already do) then I cannot see what else can be done to warn them not to do it?

spamming will never be tolerated. Just report directly to the Envato support team and they will take action against the spammer account (mostly disable the account).

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Maybe don’t allow comments until the account is verified (via a purchase for example).

Account got verified when they first purchase. But before purchase customer can have pre-purchase query. So, comments should be open to all.

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again that author are also create 2 comments on my profile comments section

all these screenshot user name are different but comments content are same . so please blog block the user profile , find the contact given details email and site url or email that user are create one original profile. that are listing products .

I request you. Please take action about that activity


I agree with you. if any of user are not purchase the products. they can not be write comments

Please envato team do that. it stopping the spamming comments

but how you stopping that. they create multiple fake account with same details . why account is verified.

I have share the 4-6 screenshot . comments content are same. Please do some action about that type spamming account and comments.


You should to report it directly to envato auhtor support. envato auhtor support team will take necessary steps like suspend account, block ip & email etc. Please report with screenshots and Comments links. Don’t forget to mention the spam account URL when will open a help ticket.

Every time we required to open the support ticket this is very hard for us to do. Why there is no system like automatically blocked that type of spam content. Restricted that link and all similar content.
(Hire me ill do ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

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Where ? Please share the link author support team

This is Contact Author Support link.

again same details to create the fake comment in our profile . Please any can help us regarding that issues

good job you flag the comment. Now you can reopen your old support ticket and tell envato support team that they are coming back again and again with new username but with the same spam content/text. Also provide the screenshot or comment link (you can get it in email).

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Please help us regarding that type of comments

Unfortunately noone in these forums can do anything to help with this.

As per @mgscoder you need to talk to official support