Usernames Changed in the New Forum

Hi, I noticed some usernames (including mine) have been changed, maybe during the migration process, it looks like all “-” symbols have been turned to “_” in the new forum

abstract-labs is now abstract_labs
toivo-media is toivo_media
and I guess all the others…

While this is not a major problem I think the two names should match

oh really , maybe u should try to contact the help center so tahtt hey identify and fix it …

Heya. We’re aware of the dash issue and we’re working with Discourse to try and fix it. Thanks!

Thank you very much for your reply and hard work! :wink:

My two letter username automatically converted into 3 letter, not a problem though! :laughing:

Hi KingDog,
Have any chance to show the Elite author’s slogan underneath avatar? :smiling_imp:

Not yet . How we deal with and display badges is a bit complicated with Discourse, but I feel like it’s a nut we can crack :slight_smile:


Good to know that you’re working on that, thank you guys :smiley: :relaxed: