User Submitted Guides Script

Hey all,

I’m looking to convert a spreadsheet that I have which (containing user submitted guides for a video game) into a full blown website with a user system + ratings + filtering to easily find guides that you need/want.

I recently stumbled on the “King MEDIA” script and it was actually in the same vein as what I want to do (just for pictures/videos instead of guides) and I was wondering if there’s already a script that does the same thing but for guides/articles?

Here’s an overview of the features (I know I will not find a script that does everything below, but a scrip that supports user submitted guides with ratings/comments is probably a good start):

  • Website is going to serve as a “guide” website for an MMO
  • User system is needed because the website will be driven by user submitted guides, comments & ratings for each guide (going from the current spreadsheet here to a full blown site)
  • Submissions system that makes it as easy as possible to streamline every submission (users select monsters, items, location etc that are in the database/system)
  • Filtering system that allows users to easily find a guide based on different filters (what monsters you hunt, what items drop, experience per hour and so on)
  • Show all guides that involve the monster/item you’re looking at (so if you’re looking at the “Dragon” monster page there would be a list of guides that involve this monster at the bottom)
  • Since the game has a bunch of different items/monsters/locations, it needs to be easy for “admins” to add/edit/remove these things
  • It has to support at least 2 different localizations for the guides (so users can submit in English or Portuguese, items/monsters/locations are English only)

Hopefully this makes sense; let me know if you guys know about a script like this or if you have any ideas where I might want to look!

Thanks a lot for reading!