User software versions

Does anyone have any data on customer software versions?
I always try to originate if not make all my products as backwards compatible as possible.
For my After Effects templates I am shooting for CS5.
I was just wondering if someone had any access to knowledge to that data or if we can make it a possible poll upon purchase?

I’m wondering the same, last year i was trying to collect some data but there was no interest for it. Here are some analytics:

Buyers if you are willing to help us a little, take a 5 minutes of your time and fill the survey, so we can better understand your needs.

Link for the survey:

I’ve filled it in. I’m surprised there’s that many still on CS4. I couldn;t choose two answers, but I have CS6 and CC 2014 installed. I wait to upgrade to the latest CC version until it’s been out for a while, so go up to CC 2015 soon. I’ve no intention of getting rid of CS6 for as long as possible.