User Profiles Plugin for wordpress

I am looking for a plugin that performs a very specific task. Basically, we are a photography studio and we also rent equipment. I want a plugin that can enable us to create profiles of our clients from the backend. When they login to our site, they can change their password etc but the important thing is that we can add information to their profile from the backend. Info such as their wedding package, invoice pdf, contract pdf, current status of their order etc. This is for our photography clients.

I need another plugin(or the same) that people who want to register to hire equipment can use to fill out a registration form, select a membership plan, select the product they want to rent etc(products in woocommerce). I’ve searched everytwhere but have not been able to find plugins for these specific purposes. Please help me out.

Hello there,

If you couldn’t find it, it may mean that you could need personal modifications on any existed plugin or a new plugin from the scratch.

In both way, I could help you out but I will need you to contact me via email gmail(at) to discuss the delivery and the price.

Here’s some references as well in case you need to check:

Facebook :
Studio :
ThemeForest :
Www :



BuddyPress and UltimateMember must fit your needs. Maybe you need to customize them, but both have many hooks and filters and developer’s friendly