User not enrolled in course batch


There is an issue in my website with (wplms-batch) plugin .
User1 buy a batch and add another user2 to the batch group. User2 add into the group but not enrolled into the course. I logged in as user2 and went to take the course but it took me to the purchase page instead. Please revert ASAP.
Thank You

Hi @osmg,

Have your purchased the plugin on CodeCanyon? If not, you may need to find a way to contact the author on your own.

If the plugin was bundled with a theme purchased on ThemeForest, here’s how to contact it’s author:


Yes I have purchased the plugin on CodeCanyon

Unfortunately I can’t find plugin with given name on CodeCanyon at the moment, however you may try to contact the author - @VibeThemes, using profile contact form:


Hi Lucas,
Is there some way I can provide you with the licence to prove that I bought it?
I also bought extended support.
I haven’t had a response from the theme forest author and this is quite urgent.
How can I get help with this?

When you go to your CodeCanyon downloads page and click on the name of purchased plugin, what’s the item page you end up with?


Hi Luca

I bought the WPLMS theme from ThemeForest.
I just bought the WPLMS plugin again from VibeThemes.

Payment: 16498
Date: March 6, 2018

I can give you the licence key but would that be safe in this topic thread?

Would I get better support if I bought the plugin from codecanyon?

Please don’t share your license key here. If you’ve bought WPLMS theme, this is the correct link to find support from the author - @VibeThemes:

As far as I’m concerned the “WPLMS Batches” plugin is available only on VibeThemes website, and unless it was bundled with your theme, you may want to contact the author by using his official website.


Hi luca, I have left a message with the author but have not had a response and I don’t know what to do as my client is going to be livid if this is not fixed before our next meeting (which is in the next day and a bit). I really don’t want the stress…

PS. I have bought extended support, so am wondering what does that mean?

Extended support purchased on ThemeForest is exclusive for particular item. If the plugin was purchased elsewhere, you may not get support for it on Envato Marketplaces.

VibeThemes declares response time to be about 1 business day, however it may be slighly longer on rare occasions if you consider possible time zone differencies. If you won’t have a response to the support inquiry regarding item purchased on Envato Marketplaces in a timely manner, consider contacting Envato Help and Support.


@cyberfaerie: This issue was resolved on facebook chat
When you login to wplms support all you need to do is click on the button . “I have extended support” and you’ll be able to post questions again. For any urgent help, you can contact us via facebook or email me at