User Login - require updated TOS

I’m looking for a plugin that will require users to agree to our updated terms of service once they log in. It would basically be a popup or redirect once they login and they would need to agree before placing a new order. The updated TOS is only for our user not for the general public.

I only want the updated TOS to show up for current users once when they login the first time after we update our TOS. After they agree to the updated TOS the popup/redirect would not show up again unless we change our TOS. It would also be nice to see who has signed in and agreed to the updated TOS. Ideally if they don’t agree to the updated TOS by a certian date their account would be blocked and require an Admin to unblock their account.

Not sure about the plugin but it can be performed by creating a custom work.
In case, feel free to contact to discuss the details: