User force to add more pages or else rating will be 1

I have only 1 sale till now on my blog app and the user started blackmailing. If you will not add more pages I will give 1 start.

When he purchased code he gave me 5 stars but he kept forcing to add more pages for like 30 days.
I denied it in a very professional way.
As a result, changed the rating to 1 start. I mean that should not changeable. But code canyon allows you to change rating any time.

Clearly, it’s not good to have 1 start which is intentionally given. How can I remove it?

Hi, unfortunately, that happened to many of us (the authors) once or more in the past…

You can’t remove a rating, but if the user insists with change requests and threats, you can inform him that you will report to Envato any kind of extortion or blackmailing or threatening - prior or after posting a negative review.

You can also tell him to request a refund, if the item is not as described (but warn him that the refund request will be also reviewed by Envato)

If the blackmailing continues, I’d report him to the Envato Authors Help and Support