Over the past month, the refusal of 8 tracks,
All of good quality,
The answers are the same!

There are thousands of authors from Russia and many of them are very successful, please don’t tell nonsense and show your tracks instead, so people could give you advice.


Hi there - music submitted and approved for Audio Jungle is based on commercial viability only regardless of the country of origin.

Та же история… И причины не известны… Просто отказ без повторной отправки

Yeah… It is personal sanctions against @dubravaavtor … Damn Trump!



sanctions??? Don’t couse to laugh me! Look around how many of professional Russian composers don’t have any problems.


If Envato should ban all authors from Russia, they’d lose a half of their business at least at Audiojungle, shouldn’t they? :smile: No. There is a list of states Envato must not to deal with due to current US laws: For all the rest authors there is an full equal parity and their submissions are being judged only by quality. It’s a pure business.

Don’t hesitate to post your tracks and recieve feedback. There is always a solution and range to improve for the music. Come on dubraavtor!

Some times I feel the same… You are good melodist! I like your sound. But some of you tracks is very russians :slight_smile: Try to change harmony patterns. Transfer from russian chords to european :slight_smile: There are many audiojungle autors from Russia, but buyers in general from other countries. You will be lucky, I see. Keep your pecker up!

Buy the way, I’v got 4 HR in past mounths. Every track I used in my own commercial videoprojects. Customers liked it :slight_smile: