Useful SoundCloud "Sort by Like" tool

I just found a neat web app that lets you sort SoundCloud tracks by their “Likes” (or even by their “Plays”). As you may know this is currently impossible on SoundCloud’s own page.

This is especially useful if you want to see which of your own tracks have gotten most likes or plays.

Just enter your SoundCloud user name in the search box and click “Get Likes”.

Note that the results shown are only the tracks that are “Liked” by the user you’re putting in the search field, so if you want to see the likes of your own tracks, first make sure you’ve “Liked” them yourself :sunglasses:

If you ONLY want to see your own tracks, and have “Liked” a lot of other tracks than your own, you can easily filter the results by typing in your username in the “Filter” box.

Here’s the link:

For example, type in “stockwaves” and click “Get Likes”.

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