Useful links for designers

Sometime ago i posted here a useful tool for designers. Today i’ve found another curious and pretty useful service, so i decided to open a thread to compilate great free and useful links, all in the same place. If you think you have something useful, add it!

Preview words in your installed fonts (already posted in the other thread)

Create 10 minutes-long email, to fill the forms of services you will never use again

That 10 minutes-long email link is really great. I haven’t known about it.

Thanks for sharing. I think the 10 Minutes Mail can be very useful. :wink:

10 minute mail does my head in!!!

I have opt ins on certain marketing campaigns… it’s so annoying to see people signing up with 10minutemails haha

I suppose from a user perspective, a very useful tool :wink:

I frequently use for similar purpose. You can create any name of your yopmail email address as you like.

Make Photoshop & Illustrator grids on one click. Awesome tool!

Get your client computer full configuration, useful for testing possible errors while developing

nice find! thank you!

nice! go on :slight_smile:

Create online galleries, with just drag&drop your images.

Such a wonderful piece of cake.

Not sure about the copyright conditions or time limitation for created galleries.

pezflash said

Create online galleries, with just drag&drop your images.

Such a wonderful piece of cake.

Damn, this thing is so nice. Perfect for quick image drops :slight_smile:

Thanks, really useful :slight_smile:

Create your project folder, just one click! Puildr

Thanks for sharing these great sites :slight_smile:

A lot of great tools, thanks guys for sharing…

CSS Gradient Generator:

Golden Ratio Calculator:

generator & calculator :stuck_out_tongue:

A useful application is Speccy, it will give you advanced information of system specifications which I find very useful. :slight_smile:

Download it here (free):

Generate your own IconFont:

Read this css-tricks post to learn more about icon fonts.

A snippet tool released a few days ago by Gilbert Pellegrom and Orman Clark -

// AnchorHQ

This is a great little site for previewing/sharing your intial web design concepts to clients or for critique, and they have some great ideas they going to soon implement on the site.

( ^ yes it is an affiliate link, you need to share to increase your storage limit on the site)

I’m loving this as well -

// AnchorHQ

Let’s move up this thread a little bit. Found this today, pretty useful.

Get the average color palette from an image. I know there are some built-in tools for this, but this is online, free and simple. Maybe missing that it would export something more than the current CSS format, though.