Use youtube for show a video test to my client before register the assets.

Hi, I just subscribed on Envato Elements. I am making a video for a client and I registered assets I used that are being in use. But some I am still testing (like music) so I download but didn’t registered.
I use youtube to show to my client how it is becoming, but then youtube said to me it violates the copyrights of envato. I know that I can’t upload in youtube before register it, but it’s just for being online for one day and my client only to see it. I hope envato team don’t be angry to me.

Are you sure it says that you violated the copyrights of Envato? Using music from Envato shouldn’t generate a copyright strikes.

However, you may receive a copyright notice saying the video contains copyrighted material by a given author. This is nothing bad and it may happen whether you’ve registered the use in Elements or not. The copyright notice doesn’t affect your video other than disabling monetization, so you can keep on using Youtube to showcase your work in progress, without any worry.