Use WooCommerce Database to create a print catalog?

Anyone know of any way to incorporate the database from a WooCommerce site with a printed catalog, so all items pull in the same information? Of course images will need to be replaced with print quality ones, but I was curious if anyone had any ideas or recommendations.


Don’t think there’s anything like this at the moment, but a PHP dev would be able to make one for you, I’m sure.

We offer a web service that lets merchants create print catalogs from the content in their eCommerce system. It is called Catalog-on-Demand. We have not yet looked into the feasibility of integration with WooCommerce, but we would be happy to do so if there is interest.

If anyone would like to be a test case, please contact our support desk.

Best regards, Tim

Hi all,
Catalog-on-Demand is now integrated with WooCommerce. Please visit us and try out our free 30 day trial. If you have any questions or problems please contact our support desk. We are glad to help!