Use theme for new domain.

Use theme for new domain.
I know you can only use the theme for one domain. Now I want to get a new domain and delete the other one. Is it possible that I can use the registration code again once the other domain is deleted?

Yes. I hope that is possible. Based on item. In case not working You can go to ask item support section. Original author help you.

That should be possible. I bought it expensively and then nothing works. Then I would be pissed. Although, there is nowhere

You would need to de-register (process varies between themes).

@SPRUKO is right to ask author support if it’s not covered in the documentation.

For reference, some authors may see this as a separate project and require a different license, but again it’s best to ask the authors support.

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Where to find the author’s address?

How to contact the author:


What do you mean!

Danke mean Thanks/Thank You

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I said thanks for the tip to contact the author. Now I have deleted the old domain and still I can not register it, that would be the hammer, if that would not go. I have also once again pointed out the author, suffering without response. There is nowhere

I suggest you can to open support request. You can wait for beaded on author response time. In case author not responding longer days you can go to ask Envato support team.

Can I apply same theme on two website with one purchasing?

Hi @peterb668,

You have to purchase individual license for each website. So, for two websites you have to purchase 2 licenses.


It is not that easy as making another cake after eating it with the left over meterials. There are some errors that you are going to face to use the same reegistration code to buy new domain. You can do one best thing, try to connect the site’s authority from where you brought the past domain to solve your queries.

Where to find the author’s address?

Authors can be contacted using info here