use of watermarked AJ music!


I received a notification that in this video:

a watermarked track from audiojungle was used.
does someone recognize his/her work?


Lol, i’m from Italy (as you are, i think)… i find the fact that “Prosciutto di Parma” is using a watermarked music from AJ for their spot very embarassing… my god.

Please report this abuse to the Envato Team.


yes, consider that i’m also from Parma… LOL!
that’s incredible!


Hahah xD
I dislike this country everyday more. On my 71 sales, not a single one from Italy. And i had sales even from Cambogia…
We prefer to use watermarked stuff evidently. Sigh.

Edit: three hours later i sold a music license in Italy… Pffff. Life is strange.


May be they thougth, that It’s a song lyrics?:slight_smile: