Use of prior purchases - Ways to get an envato token.

Hi everyone,

I currently have trouble getting an envato token for a purchase of an avada theme made in 2017. My website has stopped working properly and I need to get this sorted.

I have retrieved my invoice and the license obtained for my original purchases of the avada theme and I also retrieved the email retrieved from envato with these two documents that I had forwarded to my webdesigner in 2017. All of this has been provided to envato.

Unfortunately, the helpdesk claims my purchase was made through a different email address on a guest account (literally a random stranger’s email). I must indeed have purchased through a guest account but I used my personal email address as I can prove. They now instruct me to use that random stranger’s email address to open an account to access my purchase, which surely I can’t do. I thought I have already provided enough proof that I legally purchased it and asked for help to make sure I can access this purchase. It seems ridiculous. I have explained so many times with so many docs and proof attached, I should probably just let it go and look for a new provider. Any advice how I can still solve this and get to a functional token? I am not a professional webdesigner and this really takes a lot of energy. I just feel it’s wrong for me to repurchase something I already paid for, just because of lack of support.