Use of preset packages to create own projects

Hi! Is it allowed to use purchased animation preset packages to create own slideshows for sale?

I guess that you can use them for you, but not for sale, because you can´t resell assets from other authors projects

I am talking about animation preset packages. There are some expressions inside

Maybe you should contact Envato Support to get a detailed explanation about this presets question

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As i know we are allowed to buy items on 3D Ocean with Extended license and incorporate 3D models in our projects. If you are using presets (like .ffx) not the whole project file or it’s parts, i think extended license is the way you can go. That should be the same rule for all marketplaces.

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No, these animation preset packages generate expressions. Nothing else. No assets, no 3d models, no .ffx
Only expressions

As far as I know, After Effects expressions only, are free. But perhaps Envato Support can explain better

I tried to get information from them, but they don’t seem to understand the question :slight_smile:

Probably yes, although it depends on what you call an animation preset. Tools and scripts which have animation/curve editor presets that you can then customize or use as is are definitely allowed and I’m sure many authors use those to speed up their work. But transition animation presets, liquid animations, vfx packages etc, nope. You can use them in your client work with the proper licence but you can’t resell these assets as part of your own items.

Although when it comes to text presets and animations, i’m sure that the line gets blurred… you could probably purchase a template and copy paste all the text animations onto your own project and resell it, when at least the text designs are original and yours. Who is to determine if you yourself created them from scratch or copy pasted them? Especially if you customize them a bit. So ye :smiley:

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