Use of photos

Hi everybody,

I would really like to start making photo slide shows.
I cannot find my question here on the forum, it is still a bit of searching. It must have been asked before, sorry about that. Which photos do you use in the slideshows? Do you buy it online first, or is there another / better way?

Thanks in advance

It is strange that you did not find threads with answers to your questions. These questions have been raised on the forums hundreds of times.
You don’t have to buy photos. You can take them from sites like:
Do not forget to leave links in your project description to the sites where you took the photos. Also, you must remove all photos from your project before uploading your project to VideoHive. This means that photos can only be used for previews and they cannot be included in your project

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Thanks for your reply. It’s my first topic here on the forum, I’m still looking for the right way. Maybe I should have looked a little better indeed.
I’m completely new to the forum.
In any case, I can continue with your answer, thank you very much for that.

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