Use of music in YouTube intro AND body

Hi guys,

I would like to use a portion of a song I bought on AudioJungle in an intro for all my YouTube videos, and possibly other portions of the song in the body of some of the videos.

I understand that I need a standard license for this. Do I however need to purchase a new license every year if I use it as a channel intro, even if I make less than 52 videos per year?

Also, do I need to purchase a separate license for using other parts of the song at random times in some of the videos as I choose?

I cannot understand why AJ has to complicate the licensing process like this. Good grief.

It’s actually pretty straight forward: one license = one end-product.

In most cases the end product is a video. Which means you have to get a license for each video that uses an AJ music.

However if the intro is considered to be the end product, then the intro would require a single license for any number of videos using this intro (as long as there is no text or visual modification, no different voice over).

There is also the series policy courtesy of Envato that lets you use a same license for the episodes of a same series (52 episodes within a year, meaning you need to get a new license for the 53rd episodes or if more than a year has gone by from the first installment of the series)

OK, thank you for that. Will that mean that if I use it as both an intro (which will remain unchanged) and in the body of some of my videos which run in a series that I will need two licenses?

Well that depends on how you approach it. If you consider the video to be the end product, then one license will cover you need, whether the music is in the intro or the body. But the license will only be good for that video.

If you consider the intro to be your end product you will only need one license for that intro and any video that intro is in. But you will need a license for the music in the main content since this content will change depending on the video. So yes, in this case two licenses would be required.

Depending on your needs, you may want to take one approach or the other.

Excellent, thank you!