Use of a theme with regular license

Hi, i have one stupid question, and please don’t get mad.
i bought a theme with Regular license to create a website but since we didn’t know on which domain to use it i used it on another domain to test it and create the pages.
Now that we decided everything and we are ready to launch i wanted to move the whole installation of wordpress to a new hosting and domain and DELETE it from my old domain.
Does this mean that i have to buy again the theme?

Yeah i know, i didn’t test it locally but i had good reasons, like i could access it from different places.

Can someone please help with this question.

Hello there!

To answer the question, yes, you’re allowed to test a theme or template on as many “test” sites as needed, whether they are local or not, as long as they’re only tests and are not being used in production. You can only have one actual end-product per license, though.

Envato does not have any system in place for limiting how or where an item is used. But individual authors may implement their own system, so it would be best to check with the author of the theme before buying in order to figure out how you can approach this.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I got it, thanks a lot :slight_smile: