Use music in YouTube

Good day. Can I use the music I downloaded via EVANTO ELEMENTS on YouTube for life? Can I add it as background music? Can I make a video of several songs for YouTube users to listen to? Thanks for help!

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No. You have to register a project to use the assets, which implies you would have to register all projects you use the asset in.

Your project has to be bigger in scope than the music itself. I cannot be a video that’s just for music listening purposes.

Your subscription has to be active at the time of publishing. (you cannot stockpile for future use)

I do not understand. Where to register? It means that I can download it to EVENTO ELEMENTS on my computer. But when I want to buy, I have to pay again anyway?

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the Elements interface, so I can’t tell you where it is, but there is a place where you can register then end-project in which you used the asset. There is nothing to pay extra, it’s just that you declare that you used that specific asset in that specific project. This is so the author can get paid properly.