Use Lorem Ipsum as Demo Posts

Actually not only that I want to ask, but there are other things that I want to ask as well. The question is:

  1. Can I use Lorem ipsum as a demo post for each post?
  2. Can I use a free image from unsplash by giving an alt attribute to the image without permission from the photo owner? (I read that may be used and not given attributes is okay).
  3. How many demo posts should I make?
  4. Should I give comments on css and Javascript functions?
  5. can i use svg path / base64 image as icon?

Sorry if there are too many questions and apologize for my bad English.

  1. Yes but try to mix it up - copy/pasting demo content is lazy and feels unfinished

  2. Yes in the demo but can’t be included in the download version (use placeholders)

  3. As many as needed (see point 1 about mixing things up)

  4. If they are relevant and helpful esp. in CSS

  5. Yes but there may be easier ways

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Wow, thank you very much @charlie4282,

There are two more questions you might be able to answer:

  1. Can I protect / obfuscate some javascript code?
  2. Can I Minify CSS?

Your answers mean a lot to me to be more confident in making items. Once again, thank you so much

1& 2: no, in the main download version you can’t your item main css/js because you have to provide those simple so that your customer can view/read and customize easily. Thanks

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