Use jQuery in React Template

Hi Everyone,

I’m a themeforest author and I’m about converting one of my HTML Templates, that use jquery as dependency, to React.

My question here : can I convert it to React and keep jQuery ?

I will be very grateful for your answers.

Thank you!


No point switching to react if you Keep jquery.

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Thank you so much @cssninjaStudio for your answer,
Sure I will remove jQuery !

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React is a great tool, but as you know a lot of it’s infrastructure differers significantly compared to other jQuery based products. I strongly recommend you use components, with inline, Vanilla JavaScript inside those components.

If you fully understand the structure and function of ReactJS, the use of jQuery is pretty redundant, at the moment, you can find anything you could build in jQuery in ReactJS.

Plus, I’m 100% sure @Ivor will instantly reject your file if you even think about having ReactJS and jQuery in the same project, haha! It only servers to bloat the code :blush:

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Hello @Enabled,

Thank you so much for your answer,

As you told me, I didn’t use jQuery in my converted template, unfortunately, it was rejected :frowning:

I don’t know the reason, if you could help me with an answer please do it here Convert approved HTML to React JS
I will be very grateful,

Thanks and have a nice day.

Saldly, I cannot assist in this matter, my experience in ReactJS is currently undergoing as well, so I wouldn’t be the best to give advice, but it’s great you opened a new thread to ask for advice, I’m sure you’ll get plenty of great advice mate!

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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New Thread Here -> Convert approved HTML to React JS

Thank you anyway @Enabled

Good luck with your sales :wink:

Stay safe and have a nice day.

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Same to you mate! Stay safe and good luck with your new product! :blush:

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