Use as intro on a podcast


Just bought a tune i loved for 39 dollar and i wanted to use it as my intro in my podcast. Trying to figure out the legal issues, but to be honest i dont get them.

Can i use it as an intro or can i only use the tune i bought 1 time??


If the intro is always the same (with no modification whatsoever from one episode to another, then yes, a single license can cover that intro which is then put as is in any number of podcats episodes.

If there are some (even slight) modifications on that intro (such as a voice over anouncing the title of the episode,…), then a single license would cover one podcast episode.

However, in this case, you can make use opf the “series” policy wich allows one license to cover up to 52 episodes within a year of the first installement.

Hope it helps!

Tnx! Think i got it! I only cut the song shorter and faded in and out the audio. Like 30 sec. But did no changes to the song it self. It kinda just fades into the pod. Hope that doesnt count as a modification.
And we will use the same 30 sec of soundbite every episode.

What happes if we also upload to Youtube?? Will the episode get pulled?