Usage Rights during short-term subscription

Hello, I have a question concerning the usage rights of Elements InDesign templates.

I’m currently working on a single-issue magazine I wish to self-publish. Since my InDesign skills are somewhat limited, I was thinking of resorting to an InDesign magazine template I have found on Envato Elements.

If I read the terms and conditions correctly, it should be possible to download the template, edit it and eventually publish the whole thing, provided that I have a subscription.

Now here is the tricky part; I am amazed by the quality of templates offered by Envato, but I simply do not have the money to sustain a subscription for an entire year.

I think I have read that it is possible to cancel the subscription as soon as the project is over, which in my case would be the publication (please tell me if I’m wrong) in July.

Is this correct? Would it be possible for me to simply subscribe to Elements for 3 months and then cancel the subscription as soon as the magazine is published?

Thanks very much in advance,

Yes - basically you need to be subscribed when the project is active until complete (in your case publushing).

You don’t need to remin sunscribed after then unless you plan to make a different version/product using the template.

It’s worth mentioning that often the monthly subscription is more than the cost of a one off item on graphicriver which would come with 6 months support and a lifetime of updates.

If you only plan to use one item I would strongly suggest checking to see if it is on graphicriver

Thank you very much! I’ll see if I can find it on graphicriver then :blush:

I hope you have a nice day!


I just checked Graphicriver and found the template I would like to use.

However, since I probably would sell the magazine for a small price to make up for the printing costs, I would have to choose the “extended licence” (500 Euros), so as to be permitted to sell it - so this ooption costs more than a yearly subscription to envato elements.

Considering this I would have to go with a subscription to Envato Elements, wouldn’t I ?

Thanks in advance !