Usage of the word "Quality"

with all due respect for the hard work of the people that run this site I think It would make the rejection process much less frustrating if the rejection note would say"we don’t LIke your track" in stead of it doesn’t meet our quality requirements… qualities a much more subjective term and I truly believe that this process is entirely subjective. I have heard a lot os really subpar quality productions on this site and I’m sure some great music is rejected… It’s all about does the reviewer like your track or not… which is fair enough… but maybe they should rephrase it and say: sorry we don’t like your music. In stead of it’s not good enough… This is not per see a critique of the selection process because obviously most of judging music i subjective… but wording it like quality can make this thing much more frustrating… I’d say… use the word preference or taste instead… It’s more fair and less frustrating… in the mean time I encourage everyone to just keep sending their awesome music and hope for the best, cause really that’s all you can do!

Hi @Gaspardmusic! I think if reviewers will start send us letters with “we do not like your music” the suicide number will increase, because is not big deal to injure musician! :smile:
But I agree with you. I need more information why my items are rejected sometimes. :slight_smile:

The idea of quality represents equality of any produced items on certain parameters. It’s a production term word, not an emotional appraisal. The idea of «high» or «low» quality comes only after definition of equality rules and may be applied as well as may not. There is no sense in taking offence, for the review answer about a lack of quality means mainly a lack of equality, not a something about low quality.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

i totaly am no offended by anyones opinion or definition of quality… I get
it… I’ve been in music industry for 20 years and I know how this works…
my suggestion of usung the word taste was more about trying to lower the
amount of frustration when people get rejected… that’s all… It’s all
cool… I have NO beef whatsoever with the way this site operates… It works
fine and in todays market it’s a minor mirracle that ayone is making money
the way audio jungle does… the thing that struck me as a surprise though
was the fact the the one track that did get aproved really does not sound
anything like most of what you hear on audio jungle… and the fact that it
had (some) sales seemed to proove to me that there might be market for such
a sound… anyway… I am ready to get rejected over and over again… It’s
all good… I’ll get there eventually… or not… and than at least i tried

all the best,


We work for our customers! And there’s no room for our senses! Any movement is the way to progress and success!


Totally agree with you !!! @AMZA

Thanks for all your replies… I am on a learning curve got so many rejections now… i am finally starting to understand what they don’t want… which indeed has everything to do with can this music be used as stock or not… that’s the only criterium… i must say there is a lot of same stuff here… it would maybe be interesting to have a category… different or “unlike the rest” i know that if i would be looking for music that’s where i would be looking for it :wink: Luckily I have a gold record for a number one hit i once produced on my wall… otherwise I would start doubting my qualities as a producer… but hey’s it’s all good. let’s stop whining caspar! just give them what they want or get out of here! In essence i think that making stock music is taking a step back( when you are a pop/rock producer you do everything to attract the attention of the listener)… which should not be what you’re doing when making stock… just make it sound like stock in stead of a record… ok i’ve had enough of this thread i don’t know how to delete it… can someone do it for me? haha! ciao for now