US Withholding Tax is affecting every single sale made by buyers from other countries.

Hello friends, how are you? Please I have an issue that is really bothering me. I thought the US Withholding Tax is suppose to affect sales made by USA buyers only. Well it is affecting all my sales.

A Customer from Kuwait bought one of my products and envato used US Tax Withholding from the sale. I need some clear enlightenment on this US Withholding Tax. Thank you.

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Please where can I flag it.

Ask support about this, I’ve also got sale few ago but didn’t charge for US withholding tax.
Better contact support.

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Thank you for letting me know. I wish I knew where to begin or click or a link.

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@charlie4282 Thank you so much. I owe you.

So you’ve provided your tax information and still paying taxes on all sales?