US tax

So, i filed the tax form for non us citizens. Not sure why am i still getting charged extra for every purchase from an american. Anyone willing to explain this to me? Thank you

Filling up the form just determines the percentage of cut from US sales. You’ll get charged for every US sale in any case.

Envato made the company an USA based one.

You’re having this because Argentina has no tax treaty with the US, you can’t get rid of these taxes unless you move to another country that has tax treaty with the US.

hi, does your country have a treaty with USA

Well, i dont know if there is any treaty between argentina and the usa. But my guess is that, before this US tax was introduced, we were already paying for some kind of australian tax, right? Why are we paying the same tax twice now? Shouldnt we get a bigger percentage for every sale done to US customers and then deduct the US tax from there?

No, authors didn’t pay any taxes to the Australian government previously. This is a specific US rule that means that the US government don’t miss out on their cut if somebody who isn’t from the US is receiving money from the US. There are very few, if any, countries who have such a rule (Australia don’t), but the US is one of them unfortunately.