US Royalty Withholding Tax - Invoice?

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Where I can find the invoice for US Royalty Withholding Tax? It does not appear on the monthly invoices, and neither on the invoice each individual sale to the US. So it seems that is money that I have earned, but it is not true. Is there any proof of payment of those taxes?


Hello @ilovemedia-es!

  1. Go to your Statements page
  2. Adjust the data/date range
  3. Click “Download your statement in CSV format” at the bottom of the page
  4. Open/import the .csv in your spreadsheet software (Excel, Numbers, Google Docs etc…)
  5. Look for the column called US RWT.

Each corresponding invoice number is in there also (referred to as “Document” if you need to find the specific invoice. For example, locate the invoice number, strip “IVIP” from the start of the document/invoice number and replace “PUTYOURINVOICENUMBERHERE” in the URL below with your specific invoice number:

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Thanks, so… is it only a number in a column in a spreadsheet? Because in the specific invoice that number don’t appear.

@ilovemedia-es At this moment in time, I believe so, yes. I’ll pass your question along though to see if there are any plans to show US RWT amounts/totals separately and directly from the statements page.

Don’t forget though - Envato will issue you with a 1099 or 1042 form at the end of the year showing everything withheld. See the following Help Center article for more info:

#Tax Information & Form W-8 Requirements for non US Authors

###Any tax withheld will be remitted to the IRS - and not held by Envato.

Any tax withheld by Envato (either royalty withholding tax or backup withholding tax) will be remitted to the IRS on a monthly basis. We will also be preparing and filing Forms 1099 and 1042 with the IRS that will show the amount of gross sales and taxes withheld. Authors will be provided a copy of their Form 1099 or 1042 that can be provided to your tax accountant to assist with claiming any tax credits that may be available.

We will begin collecting royalty withholding tax and backup withholding tax from authors from January 1st 2016.

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I forgot it, now it has sense. Thanks!