US Royalty Withholding Tax Deducted In My Product

I have 100+ sales on my item there are no deduct any US Royalty Withholding Tax but a buyer purchase extended licence then deducted US Royalty Withholding Tax why you dedcuted tax on same prodcut

See -

please response me soon

Hi @NodewapTechnology,

Maybe those sale are not from the US buyer. please check your statement page invoice. US Royalty Withholding Tax will be taken if the purchase done by a US buyer/customer.


after checking everything after that come here

@mgscoder is correct - the buyer was from the United States, and Envato was subsequently required to withhold 15% of the royalty according to the tax treaty between the US and India. You will only see this apply to sales from the United States and Australia as Envato is based in those countries.

You might be able to write the withheld amount off or get the money back from your country’s tax authority – consult with a tax advisor next time you receive a Form 1042 from Envato (early next year) and they can properly advise.

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