US Government Purchasing Problem!

I am writing this to say that because of a new law regarding the use of GSA credit cards for purchases, I need someone at Envato to fill out a simple form that states Huawei technology is not in use in their payment processing system. I (and I suspect others also) have been a loyal and supportive customer in this community and do high profile work using Envato/VideoHive elements, and without this SIMPLE assistance I cannot use this service anymore. I have tried contacting customer service and even escalating this issue to “management” but nobody at Envato seems to care. The net result is that your content creators will lose valuable sales as you cannot do any business with US Government without signing this simple form which you have repeatedly refused to do. I am sorry but I am super frustrated that this small issue is preventing me and others from utilizing this amazing service. If somebody could please give me some assistance with this I would appreciate it.

@hichameassi hichameassi, @KingDog KingDog,@BenLeong BenLeong - can someone escalate this so our customer can get the help they’re asking for? I fear his plea will be swallowed by the Great Forum Monster and not get the attention it deserves.

Many thanks, gentlepersons!

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Hi @ChrisBohn! Do you have a reference number from any support tickets about this? I can follow up with our Customer Success team for you.