US Backup Withholding Tax = Not Making Any Profit



Hello to all of my fellow Audiojungle authors,
I’m Hezo and I’m creating and selling music on Audio jungle for the past 3 years I think.

Although my sales are not sky high, I manage ti make a few bucks while enjoying and creating good music and spreading my art to the world.

Since the new regulation concerning US Backup Withholding Tax, I’m not making any profit from selling here on Envato,
For a Gross of 74 USD The Net Profit is only 25 USD.

I understand it is the law but it came into a certain point which I’m thinking about relocating to a different platform.

I’m here because I wanted to hear everybody’s opinion on the subject, and come to think about that my gross isn’t that high as other who sale here regularly.

What do you think?