URL of Live Demo Or Screenshots

My Questions:
1- I want to upload my themes to themeforest.net but how to generate a url for a live demo because customers have to visit the live demo for Mobile and Web.
2- Can I use theme screenshots instead of Live Demo for Mobile and Web?
3- What are the requirements of themeforest.net?
Thank you for reply

There has to be a working demo and without it buyers would be very unlikely to purchase an item.

The demo is the author’s responsibility, envato will not provide that.

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Can I use Screenshots instead of Demo URL because I don’t want to payment for demo.

Not really.

a) the reviewer needs to see a working version to review the item. They will not install it just for that purpose.

b) buyers will never buy something they cannot test

There’s plenty of free hosting out there (although beware of the security and speed issues from that), but realistically investing what is not a huge amount in getting this to be the best it can be is all part of being an author

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Can I free hosting our themes and get Demo Url?

You can, but again it is not helping your cause as that often comes with poor performance.

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How much is one html demo hosting price?

It depends who you go with as a host and local prices.

You need to do the research yourself but can look at someone like siteground, wpengine (assuming this is a WP theme), or there are many many others out there

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