URL in Caption

I use WPBakery and like it a lot so far.
I just wondered how I can add URLs to Captions (under images). Normally it is possible in the normal editor but with WPB there is no change to add an URL.
Any ideas? Or recommendations for an PlugIn for WPB?
Thank you,


You can contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you in this issue


I was hoping that someone in the forum here might have an idea .
Before coming to here I asked the support of WPBakery. The answer:
Unfortunately the page does not support adding links in caption. However, we do have many third party add-ons: https://wpbakery.com/addons/ which might have such a functionality as many of them have their own image elements. Do make sure that you re-confirm the same with the respective add-on author, before making any purchase.

For SEO reasons it is important to add URLs to images captions. So I am surprised to see that it is not possible to add these.

As my experience it is depended on you where you want to add url also you can add url with image & text both place. i think this not a big deal.

I also want to offer further informations about a picture by an URL.
I work on a blog which is made of 95 % images/photographs and the rest is text (short introduction about the whole post, and a few words about each pictures). I decided to use WPBakery and the “Single Images” elements. Now, to add a separate Text element. (under each picture) would be too much of work (to change all posts) and “destroy” the layout.
Well, I was almost sure to be able to add an URL to a caption … Sounded very simple but as I found out now it is not so easy.

I didn’t try with WPbakery add with with my site i have build it simply.If you can’t work well on your site you can get in touch with Expert from Envato Studio there is lots of expert they can help you out from this issue.