URL for adding subscribers to your YouTube Channel

Here’s a neat way to gain more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Copy the URL below (my Stockwaves channel used as example), and simply replace the code inbetween /channel/ and ?sub_confirmation=1 with your YouTube user name. If you registered your channel before your Google+ account, this will also be the name of your channel, otherwise it’s a cryptic combination of letters and digits (as in my case).


Share the link on your profile page, web page etc, and anyone clicking the link can then instantly confirm subscription in the pop-up window on the channel page.

Remember, the more subscribers you have, the higher your videos rank in the search engine.


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Do not do this, I have clicked on links to watch videos and then been subscribed… youtube makes it easy enough to subscribe so don’t try “gaming” the system to auto subscribe visitors as they will get annoyed…


I agree! No need to try and trick people into it. But you can be explicit about it, and write something like “Please click this link to subscribe to my channel”. Probably best to avoid confusion :wink: