URL encoding bug on themeforest

Hello all,

I don’t know where to put this, so I try to notify the envato team here.

If you are on a page like

and select the B&B tag from the left to filter for bed and breakfast, you get an empty result set because the ampersand character is not URL encoded in the URL:

You can also see it in these images:


as we know ‘&’ is use in web url to separate querystring. So, when the tag is b&b then this url mean b and b is separating querystring using &. Actually we should to avoide to include such type of tag. If we really need then we can use b and b instead b&b.

example of url with &:


here & separate query string as like this:

So, it’s not a bug of themeforest. it is a default url behaviour and for ‘b&b’ tag themeforest is searching only for ‘b’ tag

Hope it will clear to you.


I think @devbenh is right though…

The B&b tag is not passed correctly when the page is submitted on clicking the tag filter.

The search results should show this (20 items): https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates/retail/travel?tags=bed%20and%20breakfast#content

But instead it shows this when you click the B&b tag (0 items): https://themeforest.net/category/site-templates/retail/travel?tags=b#content

You can tell is a bug also because when you select the B&b tag, the resulting page shoes this breadcrumb trail:

“All Categories / / /”

instead of

“All Categories/Site Templates/Retail/Travel”

Good catch, @devbenh - the developers should be aware about his one. I’d say you could let them know via this form: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new - selecting in the first select box (“Hi, what can we help you with?”) the “site feedback” item.

All the best to everyone and a Happy New Year!

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Thanks @hevada for further detailing. That’s what I wanted to say with my original post.

I absolutely understand the technical background behind it @mgscoder coder, but my main point is this: there should not be a link on themeforest, that suggests I will get 20 results on the next page if actually I don’t. And it is 100% themeforest developers’ job to make sure it works like expected by the users. No matter how they solve it. Either disabling creation of these kind of tags, or encoding these somehow, or any other way.

I posted it as @hevada suggested.

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Thanks for reporting this @devbenh, you’re right that it’s a bug. I’ve also found your support ticket and routed it to the correct team to be fixed.


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Thanks all, this has been fixed!