[Urgent] Tranding Items is broken or need to improve

So, I just checked Tranding Items sorting

and what I am got?
only six normal trending items and old old old old rest of items (really old items).

Can u guys check and confirm?

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It’s not broken, it’s new reality. “Best sellers” as default sort produce a lot of views and sales for old items. That is why “Tranding Items” sort shows so many of them.


At AudioJungle the trending sorting has been broken for around a month now, it is highly possible that other marketplaces have the same problem.

Many old very low performing items from 2012-2011 shows up under those tracks with blue trending icon here: https://audiojungle.net/category/music/funk-groove?sort=trending#content (those with blue trending icon are trending and should be there, but not the other ones)

I have reported this several times at the forums and through support some weeks ago, still nothing has been fixed.

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you think they’re listening to us?

I do not think would listen to more than 1000 writers in this forum and remove the “category trials” system

I have no idea why this problem has not been fixed, for the record I reported it first time here: Category Page Experiments 7th of March.

After a lot of back and forth with support explaining the problem I got reply from Emmanuel 22th of March that the developer team was notified and will look into it.

Obviously this affects the category pages experiment when it comes to reliable data after trending sort, if it has been broken/is broken at other marketplaces too, it will also have affected other marketplaces test results.