Urgent question: who should provide support for a plugin included in a theme?



Hi, I don’t remember how the rule is now:

  • I am a plugin author
  • a themeforest theme author bought a license of my plugin and he incorporated my plugin into his theme
  • now I receive a support request from a BUYER of the theme

The question: who should answer to this support request? Me (the plugin author) or the theme author?

Besides, shouldn’t be the theme author who should contact me directly for this support request?

Otherwise I might be in the situation that 300 buyers of the theme will contact me without a purchase key asking the same question about the plugin…


The theme author is required to provide the support relating to your plugin for all theme buyers. That doesn’t mean that the theme author “won’t turn around” and contact you with the same issue, the theme buyer posed to the the theme author. :slight_smile: But you can ignore all support requests from indirect buyers, or try to help them, hoping they might buy a direct license from you.


Theme’s author need to do that. Or you could ask that user to purchase a license and receive official support


Thank you, that is what I was thinking too, I just wanted to be sure.
Thank you for your replies!


Are you getting paid for every theme he is selling for a license of your plugin?