URGENT! Need help on iFrame preview

Hey Guys,

My theme just got approved but unfortunately it does not show up in the default iFrame preview :frowning:

My site is hosted on google cloud and uses bitnami WP.

I searched the forum but none of the solution worked.

Anyone got a clue how to fix the iFrame preview issue?


Contact Google Cloud support, X-Frame-Options may need to be changed

Hi @GraphiTivity,

@ki-themes is exactly right. Your demo page is setting the following HTTP response header:
X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN

Unfortunately modern browsers are slowly dropping support for cross-site iframes. To make it work now, you need to have your site omit the X-Frame-Options header entirely.

We are discussing long-term solutions to this problem internally, but I don’t have anything to share about that yet. For now, removing that header will solve the problem.