Urgent logo!

Can somebody help me to create a logo!
Activity zone: Asia, middle east, africa, world
Activity: World trading, business, logistic, trade, import / export
Language: English
Inspiration: world globe, arrow, new horizons
Preferred not mandatory color palette: orange, blue, grey, yellow
Budget : 10 USD
Whole corporate identity will be needed after logo decision

Iā€™m interested.

skype : graphix_shiv

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With all due respect you should look on Graphicriver and see if there is anything there that could be adapted.

With a $10 budget you are unlikely to find high commercial standard results (no offence meant to anyone willing to do it for that budget).

yes, u are right, maybe only unlike they find someone in the middle of a very poor country who is already starving and needs these 10$ to survive ā€¦