URGENT CALL for getting guidance regrding to choose a social networking script

Hi All;
We are glad in introducing ourselves to you our organization which is working in humanitarian activities since 2008. So we are purely a non profitable entity. We have obtained public reputation in a short span of time. . As far as our organization is concerned, we don’t do any kind of subscription or fund collection from public. Personally, we contribute money to the programs from our little earning. We started a mission to protect disaster victims in 2013. Unfortunately the mission brings a heavy financial burden to us both in the level of personal and official. And then our board came to a decision to start a permanent revenue generation venture.
So we planned to do a business here with social media script that we can generate money for the work we have been doing for the community from the inception. For us, it’s last chance of survival. We can’t bare the liabilities and responsibilities of our past actions. It became a great threat to our future in general. So i am requesting your kind attention to answer these queries.
We searched lot in the industry for a clone script or a best social networking site script. So we got few proposition from numerous companies like phpfox, social engine, wowonder etc. Some of its features are same as our concept but whole. One or the other way each one has its unique feature in function and theme.
Actually we got confused to pick one form it.
We need a reliable, feature rich, bugs free, enterprise level script. We have some custom requirement. We would like to add features of a dating, social networking and directory sites in general. We need the general designs similar to facebook.
Other requirement which gives in the following line are

  1. We can change, delete or develop functions and designs of the script
  2. We can create a copy of my site for developmental purpose. (It is not that important. Its relevant when we do customization)
  3. It should be a white labelled script. In other words, i should have full control of the script.
    (100% unencrypted code)
    We can launch a great humanitarian project with your guidance. As far as FPI is concerned, this project is very important. Because as we mentioned you in the above lines that, we are in a huge financial liability. One or the other way we are working for the lives around us. We weaved our hopes and dreams with the threads of this mission. We only need a little flame from you. So then we can light thousand of hopes around us.
    We know that, if it will come about real, it will give life to thousands of people who live in dark alleys of life. FPI would be most grateful if you will respond to this request quickly to assist in this charitable project.
    May God always be with you
    Thanking you.
    For FPI (www.fpiinternational.org )
    NB: We especially, want to know about wowonder. Can we add modules for it our own for this script. Is it a good script to start a stratup ?