Urgent Assistance Needed: Request for Account Reinstatement and Refund for Hostiko Theme Purchase

Dear Envato,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am writing to address an issue I have encountered with a recent purchase. I recently acquired the theme Hostiko and utilized it for a brief period. Regrettably, during this time, I encountered several bugs and complications within the theme.

Upon identifying these issues, I promptly contacted the author to seek resolution. However, I have observed that despite their efforts to address the concerns, new issues continue to arise on a daily basis. Of particular concern is the utilization of the ElementPress plugin for critical sections such as the header, navbar, and footer. It has come to my attention that this plugin has not received updates for the past four years and has been flagged by WordPress due to legal complications. Furthermore, compatibility issues with the latest version of the Elementor plugin have exacerbated the situation.

Given these circumstances, I find it difficult to justify the continued use or investment in a product that presents persistent challenges. While I acknowledge the author’s commitment to resolving issues through ticket submissions, I am apprehensive about encountering new issues beyond the scope of my support period.

In light of these challenges, I have taken steps to request a refund through Envato. However, I have yet to receive a response to my inquiries despite several attempts over the past five to eight days. Additionally, I initiated a chargeback via PayPal as an alternative recourse, albeit resulting in the temporary suspension of my account access and hindrance to utilizing other purchased products from Envato.

I kindly request your assistance in reinstating my account access and facilitating a refund, if feasible. As financial considerations are of paramount importance, I am hopeful for a swift resolution to this matter.

Thank you for your attention to this issue. I remain available for any further clarification or assistance required.


Your refund request went to the author and probably they haven’t responded yet but after that you should’ve contact Envato support for the refund instead of PayPal

As the refund process has been done outside of Envato, I’m not sure if Envato will restore your account but you can contact support.

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Already contacted envato from 10days but they are not replying in refund matter and also still my account was locked.

You should’ve waited till you got respond

Now I am facing the same elementpress issue. This plugin needs to be deactivated in order to access the elementor edit. I have just opened a ticket. I hope they can resolve the header and footer issue. Otherwise, I will have to request a refund as well.

They don’t provide refund in any condition i am struggling from date of purchase and they are just asking for proofs again and again.

The refund requests will be ignored if it’s been more than 30 days since you purchased the item. In addition to that, you may not get a solution to the issue you’re having as it’s a third party related issue.

As you have already contacted PayPal and they did charge-back, your case is already closed by terminating your account. There’d be no additional information provided by the support

Hello first of all i have contacted them at second day of purchase so in your first condition i will be passed.

And about paypal issue i have closed that chargeback due to account lock and re-enabled my account.

But the refund issue is still present from envato.


Check the refund progress if it has been approved or rejected by the author. The request goes to the author first, not Envato

Author has already denied i have contacted to envato but still not got any reply last reply was received on Friday

Average is 5-7 working days, some cases may take longer as well as they need to contact the author and confirm with them, too.

My issue has been RESOLVED in a few hours by Hostiko support.
HOSTIKO SUPPORT responded with a fix to my issue.

They have been disabled Grid And Flexbox in elementor and i am thinking how can i use the grid and flexbox in other elements.

Contact the item author and try to solve the problem, if that’s not good enough, request a refund and find another item

As I’ve already told you already requested for refund for trying another product but they are not replying and responding and also not understanding.

Just purchases hostiko it seems they are not working anymore. The site and activation doesn’t work at all